The innovative online gift shop, that offers customers to personalize their gifts via the site, order and get it at home. Making emotions and memories into the real gifts.


ISIE is the International School of Intellect and Education, that helps young people to connect their education with the reality. is the official chapter of company in Lisbon, Portugal.


Segmento Colossal LDA is a multi-brand company, that develops diversity of innovative start-ups in European Union and Caucasus regions. Starting from online marketing company and gift-shops not limited to educational institutions and heavy industries SEGCOL is investing in many areas of business and enterprises.

Technologies, innovation, sustainable future orientation, green energy and education are the key directions for the company development.

By the year 2020 SEGCOL aims to establish the first time in history, self-evolving start-ups in synthesis of home-based 3D printing and green energy solutions, bringing more economic freedom to communities and sustainable approach to environment care.